S.Ph. Essays and Explorations, the Ever-Expanding Issue

S.Ph. Essays and Explorations, 1.2, Fall-Winter 2016

S.Ph. Essays and Explorations, 1.1, Spring-Summer 2016

S.Ph. Press invites authors to submit creative philosophical work to the open-access journal, S.Ph. Essays and Explorations. Authors should aspire to a style and substance occupying the neglected middle-ground between the cultural-literary essay and the traditional academic article. Strict adherence to the dominant standards and trends of professional academic scholarship are not required—in fact they are not desired. Work should be informed by scholarly knowledge, but should neither demand of the reader, nor aim to display the author’s own, detailed acquaintance with ongoing debates in any particular specialist field. Whether essay, commentary, review, or fiction, we intend to publish work that creatively blends learning with imagination, work that commands the reader’s attention through style and ideas, not by references or pedigree. We particularly encourage work that engages with the history of philosophy.

All submissions will be reviewed by members of the Senior Editorial Team. If further input is required, the editors will consult the appropriate members of the Editorial Board. If contributors express the need for technical “peer review,” then in the event that the editors approve the submission, they will send it out for external blind review. The final decision to publish rests with the Senior Editorial Team.

Please send submissions as Word doc. attachments. We have no particular preference regarding citation style, so long as the style is consistent and references are complete. Please use endnotes, and try to keep notes to a minimum. You can make our lives easier by setting your margins to 1, your tabs to 0.2, and line spacing to 1.15. We do not require abstracts, nor do we publish them, but we are happy to receive them with submissions if authors care to send them.

For more information concerning the type of work that we publish, please see the About page. To send a query or submission, please visit our Submissionspage.

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