Mark Anderson

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Dia·mytho·log·õmen: the first person plural present subjunctive active form of an ancient Greek verb which means ‘to converse,’ or, more literally, ‘to tell stories,’ and more literally still, ‘to speak about by way of myth.’ Adapted from Plato’s Phaedo (70b6), the word functions in the title as a hortatory subjunctive: ‘Let us converse, tell stories, mythologize.’ The book depicts through narrative the various activities of a philosopher, as a thinker, a teacher, a scholar, and a creative-intellectual writer. With reference to various philosophers, to Plato and Nietzsche in particular, it develops accounts of philosophy as ‘Creative Pyrrhonism’ and of the philosopher as superior to the sage.

Mark Anderson is Professor of Philosophy at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, USA. He is the author of Plato and Nietzsche: Their Philosophical Art; Moby-Dick as Philosophy: Plato - Melville - Nietzsche; Zarathustra Stone: Friedrich Nietzsche in Sils-Maria; and Thinking Life: A Philosophical Fiction.